School Uniform

There is a simple uniform that helps develop a sense of community. Parents are asked to co-operate in sending their children to school smartly dressed, with a tidy modest hairstyle.

St Wilfrid's will accepted generic items and branded items are not required. Parents can purchase uniform from any retailer or can contact the school office to enquire about our 'Uniform Swap Shop'.

Please ensure that your child’s property is clearly marked with their name



Autumn / Spring

Red Polo Shirt

Grey skirt / pinafore dress / trousers

Tartan skirt/pinafore

Red cardigan / jumper (school emblem)

Sensible black shoes (no trainers/ or black trainers)

Black/Grey socks

Grey or red tights

White Socks for girls only

Red / white hair accessories only (small and discreet.)

Trousers must be grey, tailored and fit loosely to be in keeping with the high standard of dress code

Summer Term

Red and white gingham dress

Red cardigan (school emblem not compulsory)

Red Polo Shirt (school emblem not compulsory)

Grey trousers

Grey shorts (optional)

Red jumper (school emblem not compulsory)) Round or V neck

Sensible black shoes (no trainers/ or black trainers)

Black/Grey socks

White socks for girls only




Foundation Stage & Key Stage One 


White t – shirt (school emblem not compulsory)

Black shorts

Black pumps

Key Stage Two

House colour t – shirt (school emblem not compulsory)  

Black shorts

Black pumps (indoor)

Trainers (outdoor)

(In cold weather plain sweatshirts and jogging pants can be worn – preferably dark coloured)



 A hairstyle is considered ‘modest’ and appropriate if it does not attract unusual attention or comment. Parents should ensure therefore, that ‘shavings’, colouring, ‘tracks’, gelling, and unusual hairstyles, etc. should be planned for holiday periods and not term time. Children and parents can expect immodest hairstyles to be challenged.

Shoulder length or long hair should always be tied up.

In all matters related to dress code, including hairstyles the decision of the Headteacher is final and non-negotiable.

Further information regarding School Uniform

We request that for Health and Safety reasons children do not wear jewellery, this includes ear rings, studs or any other adornments which could be damaged, stolen or ,most importantly, cause injury.

While every effort will be made to keep your child safe, we cannot accept responsibility for injury or loss caused by jewellery.

Please note that should your child wear earrings they will need to remove them to take part in physical activities including PE.

A simple watch will not be regarded as jewellery.

Please note that no cosmetics should be worn including makeup and nail varnish is not allowed.

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